Stem Cell Treatment with Pocket friendly Package in Best Hospitals in India


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A stem cell treatment is an intricate process and the patients need utmost care and respect both physically and emotionally. At Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants in India we offer world class medical facilities from the best doctors and hospitals to our international patients seeking stem cell treatment with pocket friendly packages in India. A stem cell therapy is an array of techniques that intents to replace the damaged cells or those which have been destroyed by diseases with healthy ones.

Stem Cell Treatment

Although this is relatively new technique, their advantages and applications are broad and quite surprising the medical world with the new research. The stem cells ae obtained from bone marrow or human umbilical cord which are known as fundamental cells of the body that has power to develop into any type of tissue cell in the body. The stem cell treatment is based on the principle that the cells move to the site of injury, transform themselves to form new tissue cells that will replace the damaged ones. During this therapy, they are derived from the body, kept under artificial conditions until they mature into type of cells required to heal a certain part of the body or disease.

There are two types of stem cell therapies autologous in that uses adult patient’s own stem cells from the bone marrow or blood and allogenic which uses donated stem cells but it faces the chances of donor stem cell rejection. Stem cells are being studied and used to treat immune disorders, different types of cancers, disorders related to the blood and metabolic disorders. Some other diseases and health conditions that may be healed using the stem cell treatment in India include hair loss, peripheral nerve injury, restores eyesight, tuberculosis, brain injury, aid in kidney transplants, muscle and ligament regeneration, spinal cord injury and potential for cardiac tissue regeneration.

The stem cell treatment is a complex and multifarious procedure having several risks and complications. Therefore this treatment is recommended to a few patients only when the other treatments have failed. The best candidate for a stem cell treatment are those in good health and have the stem cells available from a sibling or any other family member.

One of the best advantages of stem cell research is the medical benefits which have proven to drastically improve condition of many patients with degenerative diseases. Stem cell research has paved way for effective treatment discoveries thereby offer great possibility for discovering cured and treatments for various illness. Organs and limbs can be grown in labs form the stem cells and then used for treatment of transplants. The stem cells have unique ability to become any cell in the body and it can keep on renewing themselves.

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants offers the best steam cell treatments with pocket friendly packages in best hospitals in India. Hundreds of international patients from across the globe visit India to seek a high quality medical care which is at par with the developed nations such as the UK, US, etc. at the most affordable costs. The hospitals in India are equipped with the most extensive diagnostic and imaging facilities such as Asia’s most advanced CT and MRI technology. India offers outstanding stem cell treatment with pocket friendly package compared to that offered in other Western countries. Even after considering the travel expense to get the stem cell treatment at best hospitals in India, we offer comprehensive medical tourism package which will cost you $6000 in India thereby you can save thousands of dollars for the major procedures compared to the western nations.